Accelerated Growth Program

The First Phase: Achievement Assessment and Review

In this first phase of the program we review in depth your personal history of achievement, accomplishment and success, starting as far back as you can remember! These sessions focus your attention on the unique abilities and traits that make your successes possible. These abilities are always available to you, even if you’ve forgotten about them.

The Second Phase: Four-Quadrant Goal Development

What we generally mean by improvement is a 10-15% increase over current performance, often in one limited area. In this phase, you assess your current status in all four of the vital areas of your life. You will then be challenged to define what an order of magnitude improvement in each area would look like.

  • Financial / Work / Career:
  • Relationships: Work and Personal:
  • Physical / Health / Well-Being:
  • Spiritual / Community / Personal Development:

The Third Phase: Overcoming Resistance

During this part of the program I will be in frequent contact with you. The pressure is intense to accomplish your challenging goals, and there are times when the tasks seem impossible. The real reason for this has nothing to do with your ability to produce the results that you want. There is usually a predictable backsliding that occurs after significant progress has been made, and this regression typically appears as resistance to further progress. The coach is with you, with support, reminders, suggestions and resources to keep you focused and on track. The coach is also there to hear complaints, whining, and excuses and to refocus you on the core strengths that will help you accomplish your goals.

The Last Phase: Integration, Review, Future Planning

Looking back, it may seem impossible that you have come so far so quickly. Planning what you will do to maintain the changes is very important. Again, the natural backsliding tendency can still appear, and it is vital to learn to recognize it and manage it consistently as part of your future growth and development.

Adapted with permission from material created by Jon & Laurie Weiss, Empowerment Systems