Ed Gurowitz has spent over 30 years on the front lines of organizational transformation, partnering with executives, entrepreneurs, and organizations to provide training and consulting in leadership, communication, collaboration, and organizational effectiveness through executive coaching, consulting, and designing and delivering programs. He has consulted to organizations ranging from Fortune 100 companies to startups and non-profits.

From 1998 to 2001 Ed was a contract business development executive in startups and a consultant to startups seeking venture and angel financing. In these capacities he wrote and assisted in writing business plans for presentation to investors, for internal development, and to make the business case for new ventures and acquisitions. During this time he also was a Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor for Citigroup Geneva Capital Strategies where he worked with owners of middle-market businesses to document and market the value of their businesses for sale or merger.

As a contract executive Ed established and managed an HR program for a multi-agency insurance firm and was Contract COO for a bi-state regional planning agency where he shifted the culture to one of collaboration, high performance, and customer focus.

In his work Ed has concentrated on producing large-scale organizational change while maintaining and increasing productivity and profitability by unleashing the power of people through enhanced communication, collaboration, and teamwork. In addition to his work in North America, he has worked extensively in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

Ed holds degrees in Psychology and Brain Research from Cornell and the Universityof Rochesterand is a leading-edge thinker in the area of the impact of brain function on leadership, management, and communication. He is the author of a book, The Molecular Basis of Memory and numerous articles on clinical psychology, organizational psychology, and management.

He has facilitated negotiations in the Mergers and Acquisitions arena as well as union-management negotiations and has coached CEOs and other executives in areas such as decision-making, delegation, and leadership